Nature and Infinity.

Nature and Infinity.
There are two separate infinite substances that exist in Nature:
“infinitely big” and “infinitely small”.
The infinitely big substance is Zero Vacuum: T=0K.
( spacetime continues forever)
The infinitely small substance is Planck’s constant –

  • quantum of light - ( h, h*).
    These two constants are fundament of creation everything in Nature.
    Best wishes.
    Israel Socratus.

Isn’t spacetime semi-infinite since the universe has a beginning and time didn’t exist before the beginning of the universe?

Planck’s constant is not infinitely small and the universe is not infinitely large. Try again.
Edit: To answer your question, Callisto. No. The universe had a beginning and it will have an end. There is no such thing as semi-infinite. There are different types of infinity, though.

Yeah, that blew my mind at my first college math course. I had learned (what I thought was) all about infinity in high school. I knew that any number times or divided into infinity still equalled infinity. Then the college instructor hit us with things like infinity times infintity being a different order of infinity, and it got worse from there on. :bug: :lol:

Occam, let’s not even try checking in to Hilbert’s Grand Hotel. :coolsmile: