Mormons and Adolf Hitler

Some time ago I wrote an article about the Mormons in Nazi Germany. When I was an active member, I heard older Mormons often speak of the “good old days” when they were young. And, as the Mormons should have done much for the Nazi government. I did not believe it, and researched. And I found some amazing things I beg to enter in keywords here:
1 Mormons saw Hitler as a preparer of the Second Coming of Christ, LDS organizations compared with those of the Nazis. Thus, the SS with the melchizedek priesthood of the Mormon was equated.
2 The Scout Organization of the Mormon has as last closed (April 1934), and in at least two cases, the LDS was the Reich Security Main Office (head Heinrich Himmler) protected.
3 American missionaries trained the German Olympic team in basketball, and Mormons helped the Nazis build the genealogy research.
4 resistance to Hitler and the Nazis were rare. The most famous case was that of a young man by the name of Helmuth Huebener, who was executed as the youngest man to 17 years in Berlin, because he distributed flyer.
5 As Helmuth Huebener was arrested, he was excommunicated by the branch president, who was an enthusiastic Nazi. And installed a plate above the church; “forbidden entry to Jews” on the stood.
6 Many of the Mormons of the branch of Huebener wanted to shoot him by hand.
7 American LDS dignitaries who visited Germany, expressed their praise of Nazi Germany.
8 Many Nazis, the Mormons had fled to the U.S., including former branch president of Helmuth Huebener (he coached boys football).
9 Adolf Hitler means baptism of the dead was baptized in several temples (mine are London and Los Angeles known.
10 American missionaries gave the “German Gruss” (left arm extended upward), and looked the other way when Jews and communists were arrested.
11 I have a dozen known cases where Mormons Jews had betrayed; and had then enriched at whose possession.
How is it that people could do such a thing? Why Mormons looked away; supported the Nazi movement? And why deny the present LDS church, despite massive evidence, these facts?