Missing a thread of mine here and everywhere online

I wrote an initial thread regarding the origins of temples and sacrifice, originally here on the old site, but I cannot find it anywhere. I actually had links to it from other sites also but where they existed, the links are dead.

They were also removed on all the other sites where I opened specific threads about them.
Does anybody know where I might possibly find this (hopefully by some error on my part) and how if not, how this is possible everywhere?

It is not on archive here nor can I find it on Google other than trivial secondhand mentions I spoke regarding it or any links.

I believe the title was something like, “On Temples and Sacrifice” but it could have just, “On Temples” or something. I believe I had it backed up somewhere but given it was on an old computer, I’d need to look deep for it.

If I cannot find it, I am likely able to reintroduce it but find this troubling.

I can see posts from 2013 in your activity, but I’d have to keep scrolling to see how far back they go. Otherwise, the search spyglass is it as far as I know. Sometimes, going out to google is actually better, but you would need something more unique, a specific phrase that your post had. I’ll try a couple of other ideas, but no one purposely tried to erase anything, so it’s somewhere.

This new system automatically throws out what it perceives as spam. It may have even thrown it out because it was an old thread with defunct links.

Besides Googly, you might try the Wayback Machine. It archives a LOT of website in full.

Thanks. I saw my bad thread on Einstein but couldn’t find the good thread regarding religious origins that seems would be of high interest to us here.

Thank you, but I actually tried that and got nothing. I was concerned that I might have been cleverly censored by some religious hacker not liking how I argued that the roots of temples and sacrifices were originally non-religious in nature. I found on other sites the same issue on this.

I’ll rewrite it. But here is an overview I wrote on a political site here in Canada:
Temples and Sacrifice…

That is possible…