Just off the top of my head, some misconceptions of regarding the Bible . . .

The Bible doesn’t say that the universe was created in 6 days 6,000 years ago.

The Bible can’t have been written by bronze age sheepherders and much later post exilic simultaneously.

Noah’s ark didn’t have to have every biological kind of animal on board.

The Bible isn’t infallible.

The Bible doesn’t say that the earth is flat.

Gilgamesh predating Genesis doesn’t mean the Bible isn’t true. Do the math.

The Bible doesn’t teach hell, or that good people go to heaven, the immortal soul, the trinity, the cross, the rapture, Christmas or Easter.

The Bible is many things to many people. Even Christians, practitioners of the faith, read it in different ways. So, what does the Bible say to you, David?

The Bible does have one transcending message:

God Is Beyond Human Understanding.

Really? Where does it say that ‘God is beyond human understanding?’


The Bible doesn’t say anything. It is the reader, of the Bible, who says stuff.

So, what does the Bible say to you, David? Or to be exact, what do you read from the Good Book?

Believers love quoting these


The idea that God is beyond human understanding is laughable. Invariably I hear that from the same person claiming to know what God wants from me and why.

Those are the same persons endowed with “special” knowledge. They are the privileged who will survive when the Apocalypse comes to visit, didn’t you know?

Speak about misconception,…LOL.