Microtubules the seat of Consciousness

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W4U said: > I have seen microtubules described by 4 different names and for each a specialized function. I am trying to pull all these different MT functions together to show the critical part MT play in the eventual emergence of consciousness IN ALL Eukaryotic organisms. .

I am glad you noticed. It was one of David Bohm’s gripes that science has become so specialized that sometimes relative information becomes so fractured that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing!

This is the remarkable property of microtubules that this simple dimer of 2 tubulins self-forming into a dipolar coil with the ability to change its length and thereby function as an electrochemical potentiometer.

ALL Eukaryotic cells contain MT and already had simpler forms in Prokaryotic life, which indicates they were there from the very beginning and may possibly be the “black box” from which the first living organisms emerged.

Schematic depiction of a function described metaphorically as a “machine” or “black box” that for each input yields a corresponding output