Michael Hudson asks ~ is the US a failed State?

My take

  • mass poverty
  • mass polluter
  • mass mass-murder
  • mass imprisoner
  • mass warmonger

And those are just the most obvious off the top of my head, so YES is the answer.

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Personal income increased $69.5 billion (0.3 percent at a monthly rate) in June. Disposable personal income (DPI)—personal income less personal current taxes— increased $67.5 billion (0.3 percent). Personal outlays—the sum of personal consumption expenditures, personal interest payments, and personal current transfer payments—increased $109.4 billion (0.6 percent) and consumer spending increased $100.4 billion (0.5 percent). Personal saving was $862.4 billion and the personal saving rate—personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income—was 4.3 percent in June.

Current Release

In what category is the US a failed state?

  • The US is performing much better than many other wealthy nations when comparing economic growth and inflation rates.
  • The US had the highest GDP growth since the start of the pandemic among the G7 countries, an informal group of industrialized democracies.
  • This data further suggests the US is not heading toward a recession.

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What is this gloom and doom talk ? Compared to the rest of the world we are doing GREATTT!

FACT SHEET: President Biden to Catalyze Global Climate Action through the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate

The President will be joined by other leaders in new efforts aimed at accelerating progress in four key areas necessary for keeping a 1.5°C limit on warming within reach, specifically:

  • Decarbonizing energy: Announcing steps to drive down emissions in the power and transportation sectors, including scaling up of clean energy, setting ambitious 2030 zero-emission vehicle goals, and decarbonizing international shipping.

  • Ending deforestation of the Amazon and other critical forests: Working through the Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership to mobilize public, private, and philanthropic support.

  • Tackling potent, non-CO2 climate pollutants: Launching a Methane Finance Sprint to cut methane emissions and accelerating hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phasedown under the Kigali Amendment.

  • Advancing carbon management: Partnering with countries to accelerate carbon capture, removal, use, and storage technologies through a COP 28 Carbon Management Challenge to deal with emissions that can’t otherwise be avoided.

Stop this shouting "fire " in a crowded theatre. You are doing nothing to foster cooperation in the US effort to battle the onset of the Anthropocene.

Better late than never. It certainly does not deserve your criticisms.
What have you done lately to clean up your little corner of the earth?

Your perspective is seriously skewed. If I am mistaken, show me a country that is doing better than the US and if that model can be copied. If not, stop your seditionist speech!

You are not contributing anything positive. You are sowing negativity and hate!!!

You want join the efforts to clean up some of the thrash the world generates?
Become an Ocean Hero and just help cleaning the oceans from plastic by just surfing the web.

This is a not-for-profit organization. The Big Business sponsors are spending some of their wealth in supporting this worthy effort.

In just a few months I have “earned” the removal of almost 500 plastic bottles . Imagine a few million people joining in this effort. It would have a positive impact on ocean life and beach health.

Want to become an Ocean Hero?
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Some of the recently presented graphics overlook the deeper problem.
The subcharts of those integrated figures will expose a much more serious clash.
Yes: capitalism has worked. You could argue that it has worked too well.
Humans as labor are but tools for profit.
Getting one up on the ladder any way you can is the struggle that capitalism promotes.
That their are a pile of people down at the ground who were torn from the ladder is not a problem is it?
That’s just competition. Natural selection. They simply were not greedy enough, or were not greedy in the right way. The idea that we belong in such a society is repulsive. It is no society at all.
Yet this is the American Dream: get on the ladder and keep climbing.

Those who excel at it will excel some more, and all is well, eh?

No, the problems with Capitalism are well known. This is why we have people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who bring attention to this growing disparity, and President Biden who, in spite of opposition of the Republicans , has managed to stimulate the economy for everybody, as did Clinton and Obama and would have with Hillary Clinton if it weren’t for the criminal Trump who used US revenue and political donations for his own enrichment by lowering taxes on the very rich!!!.

bea.gov does not offer inconvenient statistics. Now you are talking out two sides of your mouth, and so I can’t help but wonder if you are suffering the same J&H syndrome as other moderators here. Oligarchy was a thing that we accused the communists of, wasn’t it? Propaganda too, no? Flat out authoritarianism is the last square to fill in it seems, and already we are in a death spiral there now, with electioneering happening once again. The pathetic situation that we are in domestically, coupled with our hyperactive disorder globally, must add up to something, and yet if the tight-fisted oligarchs refuse to relinquish their ‘just deserts’ then the idea that we are all going out with a bang becomes a reality. I inherently go over to the foreign policy concerns, but here LINE is troubling over the domestic side. I feel so lucky not to be stuck in the city. About as lucky as I feel to not be a Ukranian. Still, the idea that our day may come when we are looked upon by the world no different than as Nazis is developing under our noses. The proof exists in the long term across too many regions of the world. This global takeover seems to be a sort of now-or-never mentality, and the susceptibility of the population to their propaganda is already well established. If you were to suggest a nation that would be vulnerable to exterior tampering I think you would have it here and now in U$, yet it seems we have only ourselves to blame.

has us at around 16 trillion dollars of disposable income. On 350 million people that’s roughly $40k per person per year!Obviously the demographic skew on this figure is of interest.

Capitalism takes lemons and squeezes all the juice out of them and as much is sent to the top as is possible. Recent techniques in this infrastructure have taken this game to a limit which Marx discussed, even though the modern technologies which alter the equations were not available to him. Still, mass production was enough to make those predictions, and now automation has changed the equation again.

Incidentally, we do have a homeless population here in central NH. These days you can travel through the woods and find evidence of camps that you would never have found twenty years ago. Between housing costs and drug culture the lower class cannot find its way in this existence. No doubt there are some great stories amongst them. Think Hunter Biden without so many connections. There you have it: it is even in the White House now. One of his daughters is on the street now, isn’t she?

Listen, the fact that you can voice your displeasure is just one of the advantages offered in the US.
In reply to your speculative projections, I would accuse you of taking for granted some of the liberties you enjoy today. I try to present a balanced approach.

There is no such thing as an ideal world. After all is said and done there is always Natural Selection that decides who shall live or die just like all organisms on earth.
The human world is just a little more complicated . We have the ability to predict and that gives us an advantage over all large organic system.

You want to see where my mind is?
Watch this excellent movie and then your complaints won’t seem so important.

Its a failed state wrapped in a failed empire, wrapped in a failing planet, god help us all.

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Wow, so, scratch that question I had about where in the world is government decent and functional. Sorry about that dark hole your in. Look for a rope and pull yourself out

Others looking ok against those metrics in total. Good decision to scratch.

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Are you intentionally being obtuse? One post it’s the whole world, the next there are “others” and “metrics”, unamed of course.

You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. Follow the flaming thread

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


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A failed state could not accomplish those things.

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:rofl: Good point.

And where have you found things to be better?

Speaking of good points, I don’t know were this dude is running, but he sure does nail a few whac-a-moles along the way. *

If Republicans Said the Quiet Parts Loud - Steve Shives

shhhh ( Aug 14, 2023) #skit #sketchcomedy #politicalcomedy)

Why post this here?
Because it seems a perfect blueprint for the US achieving that “Failed State” status, that Hudson is fanning.

I asked that for the second time. He said I needed to read the whole thread. Instead, I silenced his account.