Looking Upwards

Can anyone recommend a telescope for astronomy for under £200?

Check out this addy

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Not really. Do you have an astronomy club near you? If so, you can often join them and see much better views than what 200 can get you. I used to do this, but most of the fun stuff happened around 2 or 3 in the morning. I need my sleep.
Also, you can use the 200 later for buying what you want after learning more about a somewhat complex topic (optics).

Watch out for the big, powerful, smart, and cheap ones. Unless you have the time to learn all the electronic controls. Never use the one I got years back because it is too complicated. Must set on a starting star and the motors will move the scope to where you want to go. Problem is, I don’t know the heavens and where to go.

If I was to get back into the heavens. Would try the internet telescopes first to get a feel of where the technology is today.

As an example - check out Itelescope site.
Good luck.

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