Lincoln’s Bible

“…we could not know right from wrong. All things most desirable for man’s welfare, here and hereafter, are to be found portrayed in it." - Lincoln

Historians speculated the former first lady gave the Bible to a Baptist minister as a way to protect her husband’s legacy as she had angrily rejected assertions that he was an atheist.

If I had to bet one way or the other if Abe was a bible thumper or atheist. I would not bet. It’s a sucker bet without more data.

The reason for the interest is to find the beginning of the Christian bubble that we (as a nation) are in today.

It is becoming more obvious the pathway of Christianity to America was done in two movements. The ones that came with the atheists in the beginning. And the slaves that were Christianized by the European missionaries in Africa. Christianity was descending at the time in Europe. And had grown into a social caste system in early America. But when the slaves arrived and preached to the locals, this new form of Baptist preaching of the bible without the pressures of the upper caste system saw rapid expansion during the Civil War. As a book of morals and tribalism the Baptists expand without the rigid structures of the older organized founding religions that were all ready here. In the history of Christianity. Wars and plagues seemed to be the main cause of colossal expansion of the Christian religion throughout its evolution history. Where that cannot be said about all religions.

Any thoughts?