Law enforcement employees rewards.

I am starting a new thread with this so as not to confuse the issuses.

Occam The problem is not with capitalism, but with uncontrolled capitalism. The idea of offering rewards for innovation and work makes sense. However, the amount of reward should be strictly limited, and the distribution of rewards should be distributed among all the workers according to the value they contribute. We need laws to guide capitalism away from greed and unfairness
I agree with this in private industry but law enfocement is a different category. See the story from the Buffalo News. Also not only with Immigration but with traffic enforcement. IMO, when the criminal justice system becomes to be regarded as a source of cash flow for its employees or the govenment itself it can no longer be a just and fair system.

True. One of the basic needs of organizations is the ability to negotiate between the workers and the bosses for fair working conditions and remuneration. Both the workers and the owners of companies can compromise only so far to maintain fairness. If the union is intransigent and demands too much, the owner will either close up or go broke. If the owner will give too little, the best workers will find other jobs, and the company will slowly go downhill and go broke.
However, government structures are quite different. The “bosses” don’t really give a damn about how much the workers get and whether or not it is fair, only that they are seen positively and can move to better government jobs. As such, government workers such as the police, prison guards, etc. set an initial position and the “negotiating” committee OKs it. The system needs to be changed so that approving excess compensation beyond value supplied will cause the committee to be punished, or alternately, reducing the excess payroll and pension demands, the committee will be rewarded.
I’m not sure why this doesn’t work with teachers, nurses, etc.

I think the difference is that the idea of cops or prison guards going out on strike is scary, but they don’t care about teachers and when the nurses did, the government ordered them back to work (without a pay raise).

Hey guys the point of the post was that law enforcement shouldn’t be a “profit center” for govenrnment, it undermines the fairness of the system.

OK, with that I totally agree.