Jump starting NASA's lunar lander, 1969 style.

Okay lets lighten it up and have some fun. You old timers that remember the Apollo missions with fondness, trust me on this, you gotta watch Scott’s video. Scott Manley tells us:

“The engineers who developed the Apollo program spacecraft really liked to try and think of everything, and that included emergency procedures for almost every contingency.”
What if the Lunar landing module batteries ran down. How would you start the Eagle's rocket engines?

Well, NASA thought of that. Those crazy American cowboys, another round of drinks for you guys.

I won’t spoil it for anyone.

Yeah, you wanna hear this. :wink:

All the way to the end, it keeps getting better.

Yes Sir, can do.


Why Lunar Landers Had Jumper Cables For Emergencies


found some technical back up to refresh memories.

How the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Worked (Infographic) By Karl Tate September 12, 2012


gotta bring this back to the top in celebration of the anniversary ;- )

Was it worth it? Not really.

Is anything worth it?

Most things are more worthwhile than space exploration.

Yeah sure, just look at what’s on American TV these days. Now that’s one hell 0f a set of values on display.

You know upon reflection what the fuck is the matter with you “thatoneguy” and others of your ilk. Nothing but shitting on everything that’s a little over your head.


How about the simple damned adventure of it. F’n astronauts ready to take off from the F’n moon, who care’s what kind of idiot political game put them up there at that point??? - we pulled it off - damned amazing !!!

Astronauts ready to leave a damned,

BUT, spark for the rocket ain’t enough - “thatoneguy” you probably don’t have the lousy imagination to get any mind’s eye image of what they might have been experiencing while up there - what a pathetic empty barren life you must lead.

But never mind, Astronauts on the moon, you want to get home worse than anything beyond your next breath. But the damned starter ain’t cranking, no juice left in the battery, but hey under us we have a couple batteries with juice,

climb out of the space craft again hike on over to the Moon Rover,

drive the Moon Rover back, climb onto the freaken vehicle to reach the battery - bless those little hearts back on the ground who tossed in some jumper cables, just in case. They call it redundancy.

Connect it to the Rocket Starter, climb back into the capsule, schlepping the cable, dig in behind the control panel or what ever the f they need to do to hook up those wires. Buckle up, shut the hatch. OH WAIT, CAN’T SHUT THE CAPSULE HATCH, got the damned jumper cables running through the doorway.


Houston is happy to advise, “don’t sweet it guys no drag,” GO -

OH, don’t forget to hang on to the door, wouldn’t want forces from the BLAST OFF FROM THE MOON, tear it off, might make rendezvous and hookup with Command Module and the ride home to the beautiful blue planet that provided all of our life support systems - difficult.

I can see it now, one astronaut hanging on to the door, another hanging on to that guy, … just in case.

Oh yeah, so somewhere on the way up, need to unhook the cable, toss it out the hatch, then wrestle the hatch closed.

But adventure is lost, interest in humanity and striving for a better something is lost. Now it’s just bully politics and the masters of universe wanting it all, and their brainwashed consumers, consuming themselves to death. You can have your empty existence “thatoneguy” I’d rather revel in the adventure of being a living breathing human in what’s left of our once grand outback.

We can’t all be boomers.

Don’t that make you special.

A lot of the early moon projects was built with bamboo sticks with marks on them. Do you know what I am talking about CC?

I don’t know if any of you are old enough to remember some of the flights. The delay in the time it took to talk to the space capsules.

On a couple of the flights they were picking up all kinds of noise. Tapping sounds and knocking. It seemed puzzling that NASA did not know what was making those sounds. They seemed to be coming from outside of the capsules.

Do you know what was making the noise?