It's great when we disagree

Why would the idea of banning me even be brought up. I’m speaking here form personal experience, and I even went so far to explain how I not only didn’t blame the forum, but how it kept him alive and active in a time that he could have died much earlier.

I’m starting to believe that the reason for my bald spots are due to me scratching my head as to how what I said can be taken completely opposite of what I had been saying.

Thrown in as a tacit threat?

Because you brought it up.

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Ok you can deny it, but you asked me to because you don’t want Lausten to do it. But OK, since it was in a PM, I guess your request doesn’t matter. I guess my thinning hair is due to people PMing me with stuff that makes no sense and then denying it later.

No, I’m not denying what I had said earlier. I think I misread your post.

I had to think about this because I know there’s some miscommunication on my part either in the way I say things or by the way I interpret what other people are saying. I’m a slow learner when it comes to memory retention from outside sources. I say it that way because I don’t seem to have issues remembering things that my brain personally develops such as designing a system to get a food cost breakdown for my pizza business. If I created the system, I have no problem recalling all those parts within that system, but if someone else had a system that they explained to me, then it’d be tough for the information to imprint in my memory. Not impossible, but that it takes me a great deal more time to remember what had been explained to me.

Now here’s where it gets weird, in my mind, I separate information into sections as though it were an equation. There may be many parts of a person’s argument that may be correct, but within that argument, I find something that I believe to be wrong. I think most people have the tendency to pick one section of a person’s argument they believe to be untrue, and instead of pointing out the disagreement, they take the entire post as being invalid.

The second thing I do is that I separate myself from an argument as a way of not allowing my personal beliefs to get in the way of understanding another person’s perspective. I tend to isolate specific parts of what a person says within their posted argument as a means to better understand what they are saying. So in situations like this, I’m not thinking about anything I had said in the past, I’m just isolating one thing you had mentioned not even considering that your post may have been in regards to other things I had posted.

Now to everyone else, I know that this seems like a mess, but you have to realize that it all falls back to me being a slow learner with a horrible memory. I have to be methodical to be able to grasp even the simplest of things that most people would consider to be elementary concepts. I’m not playing the victim card here. Yes, it’s miserable to deal with, but it’s the way my mind works and instead of complaining about it, I do everything in my power to work around it.

Why do you care ? You are posting now without restriction. Let it go…I enjoy talking to you and hate to see you worried about being restricted from free posting as you see fit.

That was my bad. I misread the direction in which she was posting. It’s hard to explain how my mind words so just above your post might give you a better idea of how I discern information. When I originally saw her post, I wasn’t associating with it any of our previous conversations outside that one post she had been been referring to.

You’ve never seemed to have had a problem with thinking before or even remembering things. Now all of a sudden, except for George being banned and your father dying, you have memory issues. Interesting.

@mriana I’m glad to have your support but who is George?

Wait. You brought George up and said losing him was why your father died. You keep talking about him and blaming his banning on his death. Are you playing games or do you really have that much of a memory issue? I’m trying hard not to get frustrated with you, but if you are playing games in order to get me to ban you, it won’t work. If it’s for real, I will continue to quote what you said, reminding you of what you said.

George had the Curious George avatar, that and you did say, George was why your father Jerry died:

Previously to that, you said: “When George was banned Jerry said that he had felt like his IQ had dropped by 20 points and that food tasted horrible to him.”

So you do know who George is, because you mentioned him first. Either stop playing games or if you really do have memory issues, then please try rereading what you posted/said before asking or saying things so we don’t have this issue. Use the tools needed to help you remember what you said before, because it is in writing. If memory fails you, this will help greatly.

Sorry I was pranking you here mriana. I know why you doubt what I’m saying about my memory. I’ve been pissed off so many times before to the point of screaming, but eventually, I figured out that crying about it does no good. Look, Jerry and I had many conversations about this in his later years. To be honest, I hated the guy when I was growing up. He was relentless when I was a child assuming that I was playing some game I suffered many years trying to keep up in class in the lowest divisions of my schooling and I have been held back twice. I was 19 when I graduated H.S. I have been always a failure in my life. My only reason for graduating is that I’ve always been in special education all my life and that being “special” was more than enough to move me to the graduation line. Jerry saw in me that at least I always was wanting to learn and improve myself. j felt bad for our past, and every time I tried to tell him that I understood his perspective he never tried justifying himself.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you think of me or why anything of what I have to say even matters. The way I see it is that nothing said here or henceforth matters. We can all lie, or sell a lie, or come here to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, but it’s honestly just about ourselves. Everyone on this forum is here for themself. We’re all here to get something from an empty void in our lives that we can fulfill somehow here as though it will bring something lost that we’ve yet to discover. I’m lucky to have 20 years left in my life. How much does everyone here feel lucky to have? How much time is left before all our ideas here get lost into obscurity?

When I leave the forum, I honestly have no opinion of you. I don’t even know you.

You don’t win brownie points on the forum for what you post and because of that, you’ll always be the lowest ranking person on the forum.

Is that what you think? You don’t have a very high opinion of the people on the forum. Maybe some of us would like intelligent conversation with other like minded people. In this case, like minded people means humanist, atheists, freethinkers, and other non-theists. Sometimes we may enjoy having an intellectual conversation with a believer who’s not imposing their beliefs on us.

The forum could be gone tomorrow and all your thoughts go into oblivion. I did have a website of my own that built from HTML and it was HUGE, then the second great depression (they said it was a Great Recession, but I think it was great depression) hit and I lost it. I’m still trying to get all my writings back. Yes, I back it up, but I also had a computer crash and burn during that time. Aside from that, I expect to live well into my 90s just as my grandmother and great grandmother did, which is a good 40 more years. I’d be competing with your dad, concerning age. That said though, the forum probably won’t last quite as long.

I accept your apology on behalf of the moderation team. Mriana of course, speaks for herself. I will also retain this note and possibly refer to it in the future. I do not agree with your opinion that “we can all lie”, or several other things you said here.

Everything is a power play on this forum. I saw this card being played long before my admission. I could have just played it out without being honest, but being honest makes everyone a genius as though they had seen the deception all along.

Ok, then why are you here?

Like-minded? Yes, I get that to some degree, but when does it become hive-minded?

and other non-theists.
Sometimes we may enjoy having an intellectual conversation with a believer who’s not imposing their beliefs on us.

Freethinkers…Unless it’s people who are too disagreeable. Once the pity party ends with me I’m banned. I get it. To me, it’s obvious why this makes no sense, but here it makes complete sense to everyone here. You can’t grow if you live your life in a group of “yes” people. I see how this model works, and by the way, it’s worked out well for so many years. It’s called Fascism. (Seriously people look it up) So long as everyone agrees with the common ideology of said group then the group in its entirety becomes a force to reckon with. It sounds great but look into the history of what groups held this belief. It’s a sad state of this forum not to able to reflect on its own faults by the ones unable to see the problems within this forum.

  1. I’m a moderator. I volunteered to be a mod. Actually, Doug asked if I wanted to be and I said yes (short story).

  2. I enjoy conversing with others on an intellectual level.

  3. Some of us have altruism, unlike other some other humans.

  4. I like CFI, but I can’t afford to donate in which to help keep it going, so I donate my time to CFI. This is my way of giving back to a good organization.

You obviously aren’t looking at this forum without rose-coloured glasses. People disagree on this forum, but the majority follow the rules when they disagree.

Nope. You don’t get it. You will eventually decide to leave on your own once you find another forum, if you choose to find another forum. Either that or you’ll get tired and just drift away, but you won’t be banned. Of course, if you choose to do a serious infraction of the rules in an effort to be banned, that means you have chosen to leave and with a bad mark on your character. Either way, you will be choosing to leave this forum.

Projecting. I really hate it when people project, in an effort to shift blame and that’s why you won’t be banned, because you are attempting to find a reason to shift blame. I’m telling you now, put on your big boy underwear and search for another forum that makes you happier, instead of projecting all your inner turmoil on this forum.

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I guess it’s in my nature to make everything sound as though it were an attack on one’s character, but I’m looking to cut through the bull in all the fluff in people’s reasoning for their actions. I’ll break down my opinions on all of your answers to my first question.

  1. (Sense of duty) So your primary reason is a sense of duty.
  2. (Intellectual level) I’ve found in human nature that intellectualism in perspective is recognized by those of whom agree with us. It paints a nice picture for everyone when everyone within such forums agrees. Outsiders are considered to be agitators, and regardless of what they say, they’ve already become pigeonholed into their place within the forum.
  3. (Altruism) I have little doubt that anyone here on this forum has ever spent more time working to fully understand the concept of altruism. What I see in many forums beyond this, are people looking for affirmation of their beliefs. Once accepted within such a group it becomes a game of play with the narrative or becomes the outcasts. I don’t hold contentious viewpoints because I’m trying to make enemies. Altruism is a shithouse of ridicule holding on to what you believe to be true without succumbing to any predispositions. I only argue my points because I’m not willing to give in to an answer that is considered socially acceptable over what I’ve come to understand beyond that. Altruism is a nice word for people who want to feel good about themselves, but nobody I’ve ever known has ever question themselves so much as I have. It’s a nice fluffy word people call themselves to make themselves feel better about who they think they are.
  4. (Donate) This breaks its way into altruism. It’s a way people feel better about themselves by giving a fraction of their finances to a cause that they believe in, but have you ever done the breakdown of where your donations had gone too? And where did you’re money come from?

You should get out more. Meet some nice people.

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I have more altruism than you know. For example, I’m fully vaccinated and I still wear a mask, because I don’t want to kill anyone with COVID. Yes, a fully vaccinated person can still get COVID or at least be a carrier (asymptomatic) and spread to the unvaccinated. I stand by “do no [intentional] harm”. There’s always accidents, but knowing what I know about COVID-19 I know what not to do and what to do in order to keep from harming myself and others. I base my “do no harm” on science, not on what common people tell me to do.

You know what, if I were so inclined and obviously I’m not, I’d ban you for spewing that BS, so tell me again about it being a word to make people feel good about themselves. Some humanists do take their ethics and values and make them a way of life. Call it a religion if you want, it’s still a way of life to me and I plan to live that way of life to the fullest extent of my abilities of a human being.

There you go again with your BS. You’re judging people without knowing them. I don’t donate money, so there is no breakdown of where my donation goes to. Again, I really don’t have time for people who spew BS. I donate my time to this forum, voluntarily. No one put a gun to my head. I do it because I want to.

Now, as a mod, I suggest you refrain from attacking members on the forum. You’ve done this with more members than just myself. If you cannot do that, I or Lausten will hit the ban button. We are getting tired of warning you. Next time will not be a two week ban. It will be a total ban.