Is there a way to get a Philosophy masters degree online?

  1. I am thinking of a legitimate philosophy degree from a respectable institution (not necessarily a university; it could be some sort of institute or study center such as seem more common in Europe).
  2. It seems like the nature of philosohy lends itself very well to the online context (including: Zoom video chats; students reading texts; students submitting original texts for evaluation, grading, and feedback).
  3. Philosophy seems like a subject for which in-class lecturing and in-class attendance is really not necessary or even valuable.
  4. It seems like our topsy-turvy cultural, political, and technological world, as it hurls and lurches to ever greater dangers and harms, needs input from truly qualified philosophers more than ever (even if a scant few can make a living at it).
  5. So, does anyone happen know of a way to get a respectable Philosophy masters degree online? (THANK YOU.)
    Online philosophy degree