Is Heisenberg Uncertainty only for coherent quantum waves?

Decohered waves have access to spacetime, so they have defined position and momentum.



yo, I think I’m a genius

Coherent waves (plane waves) have undefined x and t …aka spacetime.

I had to remove uncertainty from decohered waves to explain why they will not tunnel. It was its last remaining hope. OBSERVED PARTICLES WILL NOT TUNNEL.

Let the age of coherence vs decoherence commence.

This is the bridge between QM and GR.

The quantum/classical boundary is the size electromagnetism can not influence. This object has the mass energy necessary to bend the fabric of spacetime. This object will use spacetime and will not display fringes in the double slit experiment. Decohered objects below this size will be physical but will display paths of diffraction from electromagnetism influencing the wave activity of its electron orbitals. Decohered light is wave packets so of course it can be influenced by the quantum fields.

This is THE be all end all interpretations.

Coherent waves (plane waves) are infinite and do not care about distance or time. Coherence is required for all quantum weirdness events. THERE IS NOTHING UNCERTAIN WHEN AN OBJECT IS USING SPACETIME.