I can't believe the thing that always happens happened

Watching regular news, from Maine. It’s amazing how many people are amazed that “it” could happen in their town.

There is no profile for a town that it could not happen in. All towns have people with guns who should not have them. It’s policy. It’s law. They all have places where people gather.

The thing it should not be policy for them to have guns, but it should be that law they should not. I often wish we had gun laws like the U.K. but people like myself seem to be outnumbered in the U.S.

The numbers are on your side. The gun lobby is extremely well organized

A US rep has changed their mind. From WaPo

To the victims and their families,” he said, “I ask for your forgiveness and support as I seek to put an end to these terrible shootings.”
Golden said he didn’t think a mass killing like the one in his hometown could happen in Maine, which has the lowest violent crime rate in the nation.
“I had the false confidence that our community was above this,” he added

So, it has to happen to you, for you to get it. Damn humans are stupid.

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With that, humans are already killing with climate change anyway, but they are accelerating the deaths in america with their gun laws

Which is what I was saying in another thread and you called it something it was not. I think you picked the right name for yourself.

America is the only country with relaxed gun laws? Where do you live?
# Strength in Syria
While Washington sits on the sidelines, the siege of Aleppo has cleared a path for the return of America’s greatest enemy.

Mexicans are using lasers to take our health care system, Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Since staying on topic isn’t a thing.

Is it true that this guy had a history of repeatedly threatening to shoot and murder people but in america his guns cannot be taken away from him??

There are legal ways to take away guns, but they are not always enforced. Our gun laws are a tapestry

Why would that be? In Maine, they could have taken his guns off him?

Politicians like to be reelected. Maine is an independent minded place. Much of Maine is very isolated. Many of them believe their low crime rate is because of their gun ownership. It’s an outdated mindset, going back to our settler days. It ignores problems of mental health mixed with modern weaponry.