I am, the documentary

A tangent from some other discussions about where the world is going.

GK Chesterton said, when asked, who is responsible for the problems in the world, answered, “I am”. It was in the New York Times a long time ago, although I haven’t confirmed the direct quote. The idea is, if we take responsibility, we’ll all do better.

So, more recently, a rich directory made a movie about this idea.

It talks about the wealth gap, how our actions relate to world peace, and sometimes goes off the rails with thoughts effecting other people’s thoughts. Interesting to me, once he did this, he can’t get work anymore. He made a movie about how his industry is corrupt and contributes to global warming and who knows what, and those people turned their back on him.

That’s kind of how it works. A corporation can give a little to charity, but they need to do it in a way that fits the system. Sometimes it’s obviously “green marketing”, sometimes it’s hard to tell. But, basically, it’s almost impossible to be counter-culture and keep making enough money to broadcast your message.