In every measure of quality of life the US is nowhere near being a contender for top spot. You can hunker down in your expensive sty and say it’s a palace, but anyone who looks at the data knows you’re full of it. - 3point
There is only one quality of life that matters to me: the freedom to be or not to be whatever I want.

I have lived for extended two-year periods in Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome with shorter excursions to the rest of Europe and the UK. Despite their distinctive cultural charms, they all have one thing in common: low energy compared to the USA. The dark sexual bent and weed culture on the other side of the pond spoke volumes about their lack of entrepreneurial drive. The only exception is the Germans.

Yes. Especially choices that are to the detriment of others where they have no way to recover. Your statement is too obviously wrong to waste time on.
This mantra about the driven and successful being self-centered with no regard for the plight of the rest of humanity is misapplied to the masters of the universe today. You are equating the pompous monarchs of yore living off the taxes of the peasants with the creative captains of industries who create jobs for the masses.
One of us wants to be an adult and cares about everyone. The other one has the emotional IQ of a toddler who only cares about yourself [yup.].
Do you want to care about everyone? In every country, 80% of the population are married people with kids to raise. Try creating opportunities for them to put food on their tables, roofs over their heads, and clothes on their backs. You don't come across as a prime-mover. You just want to be an adult and care about everyone by chanting mantras in the streets protesting for a better world.


"I could just wake up in the right state of mind one day and block him."
For some reason I hope your neighbour's dog barks all night tonight.
But hey, those two posts were nearly 2 1/4 hours apart. That is PLENTY of time for sree to come to exactly the opposite conclusion he came to so long ago. - widdershins
The first post #337015 was from another thread when I was talking reflectively about humanity to oneguy. The second post #337022 in this thread was addressing a different context in a simple reply to a human digit called 3point.

I speak in two voices, one in conversation when there is receptivity at a deeper level, and the other when dealing with human digits at a mundane level where you are. If you weren’t out to prove me wrong for fun, you wouldn’t be befuddled.


@3point14rat said

Lots of people are obscenely overpaid and lots are obscenely underpaid. I say leave those poor souls in the middle of the pack alone and focus on the extremes. Good politicians will do that… we just need more good politicians!

And there is the problem. It’s all about greed, especially when politicians can vote their own pay raises. None of them deserve to be making as much as they do. IMHO, things need to be distributed more equally, not the 1% getting it all and everyone else gets scraps.

@sree said

Why do we need politicians at all? What is wrong with a society of independent people allowed the freedom to make choices in cooperation or competition with each other in the marketplace?

As long as the marketplace isn’t Capitalistic. Capitalism is nothing but greed. Ferengis couldn’t do a better job than Capitalistic pigs like Hellmart, Amazon, Google, Facebook. The problem is coming up with another system. My son has had some ideas, but implementing them would be difficult to do because people are so stuck on Capitalism. There was also someone in Florida who had ideas too. I’m trying to recall his name. He did the Venus Project down there. He had all sorts of ideas to better society, but they didn’t catch one before he died, except with a small group.

My son has had some ideas, but implementing them would be difficult to do because people are so stuck on Capitalism. - mriana
What are his ideas? Can you get him in this forum to discuss them?

Quite detailed but here’s the Venus Project Youtube site:


And the website:


The design of their buildings survived the serious hurricane of a couple years ago, without any damage. The economy he proposed is a Resource Based Economy, which is different than the Capitalism we know. My son’s ideas are very much similar to RBE.

Their hydroponics, pictured on their FB page is awesome.




Wikipedia says this:

The Venus Project is a communist cult that promotes architect Jacque Fresco 's vision of the future, which involves an economic structure known as a "resource-based economy."
I couldn't find anything (even on its website) of technical substance to review. The hype sounds very high-tech but Fresco had no formal education. The application of systems theory in the management of society is a complex multi-disciplinary project too challenging even for a team of academic experts today. Fresco was very imaginative to have come up with the Venus Project. Reality is something else.

There’s plenty to discuss on that site and Fresco didn’t do it alone. As for reality, you’re one to talk. As for Wicked-pedia, you can’t trust everything on that site. Professors won’t allow it for papers.