Humanism must evolve or die

Many of us know that humans are the most advanced species of primates and Biblical creationism never happened as a real event.
I lost interest in the dogma of God early in my life, I’ve been retired as a computer professional or semi-retired for about forty years. I’ve had, access to the internet from the days of dial-up connections. I have studied information on both humanism and religion from Non-Religious sources to juxtapose humanism and religionism as applied to human behavior. I blog about humanism and write as a humanistic theorist.
in my theory, both humanism as it stands, and Christianity face the same binary conclusion within this century. Christianity is the dogma of God and God is perfect therefore cannot evolve. The problem with humanism evolving and becoming a movement is humanism does not allow for a god and about half the population does.

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Okay, … but where are you trying to go with that thought?

Thank you for the question. If I may lay the groundwork for the theory of AMH Humanism it will help to answer your question.

My theory of humanism begins when our human species emerged 2-3 hundred thousand years ago. The first tens of thousands of Human generations (not knowing what anything was) believed everything was spiritual. Classic animism is depicted when “Moses talks with God in the burning bush.” As humans evolved they began to understand “reasoning” as a tool to advance themselves. (the big brain was a hindrance during early evolution requiring substantial calories.)

The longest span of human existence was during the BCE. Members of our species inhabited the planet and were subject to the intermittent influence of novel belief systems held by different groups, in different regions, over different periods of time.

In my theory humanism never did and still doesn’t recognize monotheism, hence the gods of the Abrahamic religions and the Hammurabi code are contemporary tribal stories. Written or scribed material including the Biblical cannons were ubiquitous in this general are of Mesopotamia because of the invention of writing and schools for scribes. AMH Humanism conflates our collective spiritual and rational experiences into itself. AMH Humanism is areligious. Therefore, humans can keep any god they pray to and still live a humanist lifestyle. I know this is a steep climb and will not happen in my lifetime. I also believe a new Humanism and an extinct religionism is inevitable within this century.

I am not looking for argument, this is My theory. I am completely open to constructive criticism.

I’d rather say, ‘Capialism must evolve/change into something else or we die’.

Capitalism is the system we live under that is destorying the planet, with it’s rapacious pursuit of profit whatever the cost. That is the system that must change, as it hits the roadblock of finite resources.

A few people coming up with a newly evolved theory of humanism won’t change much. Humanism in whatever form has had no effect in limiting our race towards extinction and I can’t see that it will have much effect on the levers of power, even if it evolves somewhat.

Evolution so far has been subject to impersonal forces and it strikes me that the same will happen with capitalism. At every turn, when capitalism reaches a barrier, of geography, lack of credit, regulation, technical limitations, it morphs around it and keeps going.

Either it will evolve as resources disappear and pollution increases or it won’t.

Humanism is wonderful and making it a mass movement as a force for good, would be great. However, the juggernaut of capitalist rapaciousness, will change because it reaches the limits of destruction or not. Humanism is a side-show.

That’s too easy.
It’s we petty people and our unquenchable avarice that needs to be faced.

Not sure the two of you disagree. Or that one is a sideshow while the other drives the world. The philosophies that people believe they are operating under don’t usually match the economic realities. That is, bosses and owners say they have justifications for their actions, but their motives are usually less pure

Yes of course, and “the system” will change, just not in my lifetime. The human species will continue to evolve by exposing the errant dogma of Christianity, including Catholics. The supply of wealth to the insatiable avaris of the Church began with the insanely profitable sales of indulgences, the Vatican was financed with sales of indulgences. When the Church was criticized for illegal sales they switched to the con game known as “the swindle”, still in use as a primary fundraiser.

dictionary definition:
con′fidence game` n. a swindle in which the swindler, after gaining the victim’s confidence, robs the victim by cheating or appropriating funds entrusted by the victim. The swindle con game is mostly illegal outside of religion.

Religion decorates Holy space as a theater with props of Holy characters, and costumes worn by the sales people to gain the con’fidence of the victim with the ambiance of the deal.

  1. the scene is set as an authoritative extension of God to convince the victim that they are a born sinner and 2) provide a convenient remedy to the wrath of god by burning sinners in an eternal hell.

We are 22 years past the 2,000 year timeline sometimes called the Christian Era. It is time we exchange our cognizance of religion to one embracing the heritage of evolution.

We are where we are today because of the onslaught of Christianity. Perhaps the CE was necessary as a buffer to the hundreds of thousands of years before the CE, the (BCE) We need to upgrade our outlook on life in the current era of “the scientific human era” (SHE)