How we change the US justice system

Since Avery supporters want to claim the US justice system is so broken that a defendant can’t be treated fairly, I want to take the opportunity for them to share their ideas on changes that would allow for a more “fair” system. The ultimate goal is balancing the rights and needs of the defendant with the actual pursuit of justice.

The justice system is fair enough to have worked for centuries now. It is the gradual abuse and neglect of the justice system that is the problem.

This is not the fault of the system, but the fault of the electorate who elect the people responsible for the fair application of the justice system.

Remove all equality laws specific in nation to race, class , religion and hierarchy. They was not there and nor was the problem we face today. When people realize the USA constitution is not articles of fairness & economics, but individual freedom and liberty only.

The only issue I see, the multitude has taken for granted all the way to the top of power, how priceless and how re frame repeat of war coming back on mass levels, is the 1 item it was guaranteed to all to protect. Individual sovereignty and freedom, and with that comes privacy, no matter what you’re teaching of safety declares.


All civil conduct flourish from just protecting that one key item. And you cannot do that with liberalism, it has been tried since the dawn of time. Atleast the forfathers for in most part recognize this.

All other laws should reside and take 2nd residence to this. Not be called the constitution of the U.S. sadly this has been eroded.

They was not there and nor was the problem we face today.
There were problems of people not having civil rights based on race. I don't know what you are comparing that to.