How Hillary Clinton’s Testimony On Benghazi Compares To George Bush’s Testimony

Everything I’ve written, I’ve deleted out of prudence.
Guess I’ll let it speak for itself.

BY Andrew Breiner OCT 23, 2015 - ThinkProgress " … In all, Clinton has spent almost 14 hours being publicly questioned about Benghazi. After a horrific terrorist attack occurred on September 11, 2001, during George W. Bush’s presidency, he spent one hour testifying to the 9/11 commission. That hour of testimony took place in private, and without even the full committee in attendance. Bush spent a comparatively tiny amount of time answering questions about the prevention and handling of the much larger attack. And that’s in spite of a great deal of evidence that Bush did not take threats of a terrorist attack by Osama bin Laden inside the U.S. seriously enough, and did not take appropriate steps to make such an attack less likely.
PS. Oh and believe me I'm no Clinton fan, so don't go there.

If you ignore the “straw man” created by the righteously indignant GOP Inquisitors, you know this is not about loss of life or tragedy. Hillary is running for President and the purpose of this circus is to hurt her chances. PERIOD. Bush was not running for his second term just yet and to besmirch anything related to 9/11 is tantamount to treason.
It seems that the joke may be on the GOP for the hearings have done nothing but make Hillary look that much better as a Presidential candidate.