I am new to this forum .

Welcome Capt. Nemo. Looking at your handle, I assume you’re into scifi?

I like scifi

Hi, I am new here, but kind of confused. When I googled D.M. Murdock’s name, this website came up. I am not sure I have the right place. Does D.M. Murdock (AKA: Acharya S) have anything to do with this website? Thanks.

No, Acharya never had anything to do with this site. Actually, she died of cancer a few years ago (12/25/2015). Her site has changed since she died. It used to be truthbeknown.com and now it’s https://stellarhousepublishing.com/ You can find some of her articles there still from what I can tell. Her FB memorial page is here: https://www.facebook.com/acharyas

I’m assuming you were directed here only because she’s sometimes mentioned here, mostly by me, and a search engine picked up on that. I was once involved with her forum too.

Back in 2011 Robert M. Price interviewed her on Point of Inquiry: https://pointofinquiry.org/2011/06/dm_murdock_the_christ_conspiracy/#robert-m-price