Hi - Tasmanian/Taswegian

I was raised Christian and was baptised and confirmed into the Catholic Church.
I’m new to humanism and freethinking but i hope to learn more
I’m an amatuer fiction writer, mainly classic TV pre-1970s…
I’m trying to write a story set in the world of “My Three Sons”, the Fred MacMurray sixties sitcom. I’m planning to explore what would happen if Robbie, Chip and Ernie were turned into girls, especially if it were just before the California-set years (as opposed to the Bryant Park-set years) - "]>

Welcome. Based on your writing ideas, I wouldn’t guess that you are new to freethinking.

Welcome, Michelle. I’m fairly new around here as well and I can tell you these are a fine bunch of people.

Thanks. As for my writing idea about “My Three Sons”, I’m more familiar with the Robbie, Chip and Ernie years as that package of episodes is rerun more in syndication. Plus exploring the transformed boys having to deal with how the California beach culture treats bikini girls would be interesting. Having grown up in a beach town in New South Wales, i know how toxic the beach culture can be for females.

Welcome to the forum! I’m new here too, the community seems very nice as far as ive seen :smiley:

Welcome! There are lots of things to read and learn in here. Many of the posters are very good thinkers. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
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