Hello From Finland, or how the hell I am atheist

Hello! I wrote to this forum from snowy Finland. I have read this forum for years, but only now did I dare to write.
Im white gay male. I grow in Seinäjoki, Southern-Ostrobotnia. The area is called Finnish Texas, so much of pentecostals and another religious sects. Hideous place. As a kid, during my parents relationship we lived in Turku.
I have upper middle class background; my mother is feminist psychotherapist and atheist. I was never baptised, cos shes an atheist.
After my parents divorce we moved from Turku to Seinäjoki. My stepfather was rift-wing psychiatrist, and in my family there was lots of violence. For example, my stepfather put me ho the hospital for the circumcision by force and was very violent. He’s dead now.
But bullying in the school was horrible, including sexual violence from my bullies. I became a feminist at the upper secondary high school, starting from the works of Hitchens, Martha C. Nussbaum and Susan Hawthorne… Of course pentecostals hated me cos of that, and even more cos of my intimate areas. I was lonely boy there. At the high school I heard about Derrick Jensen.
After graduating 2013 I moved to Turku. During the summer 2013 between graduating and uni I read all books of
Frantz Fanon and Ward Churchill.
I started to study philosophy (my major) 2013. My masters thesis is soon ready: Radical feminist critique of male virtue ethics from the point of working class is the name.
What do you think? Long text about me, but its is always narcistically nice to talk about yourself :wink:
So hi to everyone!

Welcome. We could use another perspective around here. Sorry to hear about what you went through but it sounds like you’re turning out fine.

Could you be a bit more specific?