have you ever read the 1611 preface

it seems there are a lot of people here that think the bible has been in the hands of the good guys all these years.
one can read the 1611 preface and then ask themselves. does a guy who writes ‘i heard a supernatural voice and set the bibles text to the sun.’ does he real sound like a believer?
then there is the words he uses for GOD. which he uses many times. he writes god for GOD.
then there all those people sitting in the church at xmas time and hear the so call holy men speak blasphemy when they call Jesus “thing thing”. read luke 2:15
then there’s john 1:5 calling GOD and “it”. i have checked over 30 bibles and the word it was there in every one back in 1999.
when i point out these 3 things to xians. they seem to want to stop and think about it.
some have even come back and said its possible the bad guys have control of the text back when the temple mount was overthrown.
i say the bad guys are still in control of the text. otherwise there would not be blasphemy in the bible.
with so many people here and everywhere having looked into each and every word in the bible. and have proven many mistakes are in the bible. i kind of wonder why the 1611 preface is not pointed to more often.

by the way, i should let you know i believe GOD EXISTS.
even though i can destroy by pointing out the mistakes in the bible, the jewish holy books and the diamond sutras. this doesn’t make me an unbeliever.
for those that: believe GOD EXISTS. we are the same in a few facts.

  1. we all talked to GOD saying some like:
    GOD i don’t know if YOU EXITS. but i chose to give YOU respect and honor. help me understand with my thoughts and speech.
  2. this vow to GOD is what we keep in our hearts and minds.
  3. we all turned to the holy books in what land we were born. we also went to hear from those who preach/teach the word of GOD. we trust those people are like us that they to have vowed our way to know GOD ALMIGHTY.
    in doing this we are not muslim jewish buddhist. we are people with a vow to GOD. therefore we have a likeness with each other. we are ‘believers GOD EXISTS’.
    next comes the other facts as to what we believe or don’t believe. that’s when we say i’m a muslin jew buddhist christian. its telling others this is where i turned to learn about GOD.
    our vow makes us the same,
    and does not shake us from our vow.

    next i would like to say if i were a word mathematician. i would say there are basic rules to life.
    we all have a free will of choices
    we all have our own ‘truth garden’
    let me go into these two statements. when i say we all have a free will of choices. i’m pointing to the fact that we can’t turn off what is being experienced with our senses. from our existence we are placed in positions causing us to make a choice between choices. another way of saying this is: the choice before us makes us to chose - a bad path or a lesser bad path.
    the truth garden i mentioned is in all of us. when we were born our thoughts try to make since out of the words and things we sense. if its not truthful we put them aside. very much like gardening and pulling out the weeds. we do this so much that later in life we know within our self weather of not we speak a lie or not. we can’t shut that off either. our truth garden will not let us do that.
    our truth gardens are always searching for more information. by words and actions we involve those around us. we automatically search the truth of others words and actions. we try to learn from each other and teach each other our true truths we have come to trust from our truth garden.
    from these basic given rules. we are all equal.
    then the fun starts :wink:
    we talk laugh and share. then comes the discussions with our views of the truth on that subject.
    lets us share on this message board each others thoughts about the subjects we have chosen to part take in.