Have you been saved by the blood of Christ?

If so, then you can love Donald John T rump.



5 minutes to say he’s a skeptic. 3 minutes saying we can’t do things that have been done. Dave, google what he says. He is counting on you not questioning him.

I prefer to avoid cannibalism.

The point of Televangelist Jim Bakker, whose PTL empire collapsed amid sex and financial scandals in the late 80s, was that supporting President Donald Trump “is a test whether you’re even saved… Only saved people can love Trump,” Bakker told his TV audience in an episode of “The Jim Bakker Show” … “ You gotta really be saved. You gotta forgive. You forgive when you’re saved …”

So I guess if you can constantly forgive T rump, and I mean constantly, then you can love him. Oh Bakker also believes that T rump’s Impeachment is being done by demons of hell.

Did anyone ask, forgive what?

This has recently been a point of confusion for me. Jesus “saves” how, exactly? What exactly did Jesus do that was for me? What changed?

Before Jesus:

-You could get to Heaven if you became Jewish

-There was no Hell

-There was one “right” faith

-You had to sacrifice the occasional goat or lamb to satisfy God’s insatiable lust for blood

After Jesus:

-You could get to Heaven if you became Christian

-You either get to Heaven or you go to Hell (in some Christian religions)

-Currently about 40,000 “right” faiths with only one of them being actually “right”. Choose wrong, burn in Hell

-Goats and sheep are now concubines, essentially, depending on the farmer because the blood of Jesus finally satisfied God’s blood lust with the human sacrifice he had always wanted.

How is any of this good? It was simpler before Jesus f-ed it up. And did he really do anything “for me”? As near as I can tell God sacrificed himself to himself to satisfy the blood lust he had since we started doing things which he decided we shouldn’t do. How is ANY of that “for me”? Were am “I” in any of that? GOD sacrificed GOD to GOD to satisfy GOD’s blood lust over the things GOD decided “i” shouldn’t do. What did Jesus “save me” from? From himself, apparently. If I’m going to shoot you in the face, but I stop myself, is that really something you need to kiss my ass for?


Right on ?

How is any of this good?
If you read into, and look up the historical context of, the parts where Jesus is challenging the temple cult, you'll see he is challenging the annual ritual of bringing your sacrifices to the Jewish leaders. This was expanded and exploited when the Romans came in, so now you could lose your land with all the taxes and sacrifices, which is just what the Romans wanted, all the land, without having to fight a war. So the Christian movement was in part, a way of pointing that out, and showing the corruption. They had no power of course, and the Jews who wanted to fight eventually got creamed in the uprising in 70AD, so the movement failed, but the ideas of finding God in your heart, instead of giving up a goat, of loving the tax collector and the soldier and trying to get them to stop oppressing you, those stuck. Unfortunately, all the baggage stuck with it, and by the 4th century, the ones who wanted a religion wedded with a military had the power to do that.

I’m taking from this that no one on this thread, except possibly David Leon, can love and forgive T rump, by Jim Bakker’s standards anyway.

Trump can’t love or forgive anyone, but himself. It’s an indication of egocentric personality.

I find it remarkable that the OP asks if you have been saved by the blood of Christ, knowing that one of Christ greatest acts of spiritual rebellion was against the then current practise of “burnt offerings” (blood offerings).

Yet, here we are revelling in the martyrdom of Christ’s crucifiction (same result as a burnt offering). It’s all so confusing.

Can’t we just stay with the moral concept that killing or being killed is not compatible with life or salvation?

When growing up in a Baptist Church, there were lots of Hymns we sang that involved the theme of Jesus’s blood. There it is highly desirable to be washed in the blood of the “lamb” (aka Jesus).

How about being baptised in the blood of another human?

The Blood Countess: History’s most prolific female serial killer
More proof that truth is far more deranged than fiction.

For those who like to get their Halloween spooks by way of dark horror stories and tales of utterly demonic crime, let us introduce you to Countess Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Báthory de Ecsed.

Fondly remembered as “The Blood Countess,” the Hungarian noblewoman is considered the world’s most prolific, not to mention most sadistic, female serial killer. Her ties to Transylvania lore and her alleged taste for blood make her the perfect candidate for the Queen of Halloween, if not Creepiest Chick in History.

Married at the age of 15 to Count Ferencz Nadasdy, she was often left at home alone while her husband was away at war. According to legend, she kept company with her aunt, who was reported to have practiced witchcraft; an uncle who was an alchemist and devil-worshiper; and her brother, a reputed pedophile. With family like that …

Over the years, the story of Elizabeth Báthory has evolved into accounts of the countess developing a fondness for drinking blood, earning her the nickname Countess Dracula. And there are more reports of her routine of bathing in the blood of the virgins as a component of her beauty regimen. Truth or fiction, we may never know … but it certainly adds a morbidly gory twist to the lore of one of the most seemingly depraved women known to mankind.


Is there a non-trivial difference in either concept? Sacrificial Lamb, to appease the Gods is an old tradition.

“…And there are more reports of (Countess Elizabeth Bathory) routine of bathing in the blood of the virgins as a component of her beauty regimen…”

Here is Queen Elizabeth at her age 70 B’day.

and here 23 yrs later:

That was this just past Christmas. She looks the same at 93 as she did at 70 (except no glasses, now). Baths in virgin blood, maybe?


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