Greetings! I'm Arcanus


I’m calling myself Arcanus, which means “occult” in Latin, on this forum because I once got fascinated by parapsychology, cryptozoology and medieval mysticism which I completely outgrew after meeting Erich von Daniken at a conference near my home town. If that sounds strange to some, it’s because it’s strange. Maybe I found him to be a rather unpleasant character to talk to, but in reality I decided to look more thoroughly into the subject matter back then which I, ultimately, did, and haven’t regretted it. I became intrigued by rational thought and have stuck with it ever since. So far, so good… I am now here.

Welcome Arcanus .

The path you trod is interesting.

Welcome to the forum

Welcome, Arcanus. I also looked deeper in to religion and haven’t regretted it, despite losing any belief I once had.

Hello Erich! Welcome to the forum.

Welcome - I read his book way way back, and recently saw him on Ancient Aliens. Good stuff until…they went overboard and started ascribing just about everything to AA. And he didn’t help.