Graphics card for my 2018 Mac mini

Hey, I don’t know much about graphics card and wanted some help in what are the best options.

I do 3D rendering in maya in blender (and can use windows/Linux for the blender rendering). Also i edit videos in da Vinci resolve and composite in nuke.

I’ll get a Razer Core X egpu
Can someone tell me:

The best graphics
The best for the price
What to avoid
Any one specific to my use?
Thank you all

What MacOS do you have?

The graphics card is a necessary part of the designer because a lot of people also want to install the heavy graphic card on their system. and the 2018 mac mini graphics are amazing and recently as a logo designer I have also designed the logo of the digital toaster oven, according to my thought mac mini 2018 model graphics result are such an attractive as competing to another model.