God particles - without Nobel Prize. / by Socratus/

God particles - without Nobel Prize. / by Socratus/
To discover so-called God - particle ( Nobel Prize in 2013)
was needed two conditions : deep vacuum and high energy.
But if the vacuum were deeper and energy were higher then
it would be possible to discover some kind of a new God – particles.
Question: what is the deepest vacuum in the Universe?
My answer:
the deepest vacuum in the Universe is the cosmic zero vacuum T=0K.
Question: what can be the highest energy?
My answer:
the cosmic zero vacuum T=0K continuum is itself some kind
of infinite energy continuum.
Using these parameters, I say that the cosmic zero vacuum T=0K
can create primary God – particles and their names are
“potential molar –masses (k) particles.”
Why potential molar – masses (k) particles are primary God particles?
Heat is result of some kind of chaotic movements of particles.
In thermodynamics the heat is explained by the formula: E=kT (logW)
It means that chaotic movements of molar-mass (k) particles create heat.
In 1905 Einstein wrote “quantum of action” as: h=kb
It means that molar-mass (k) particles know some kind of another
movement which can create “quantum of action” with energy E=(kb)*f.
My conclusion.
Without heat the Universe is an Absolute Cold Kingdom.
Without “quantum of action” the Universe is dead continuum.
The molar-mass (k) particles can take part in these two phenomenons:
E=kT (logW) and E= (kb)*f. And therefore the molar-mass (k)
particles are primary elements from the First Instant (T=0K) of the
Universe’s creation. Not " the famous Higgs Boson" (with the low
energy and prestige Prize) but the old and modest well-known
molar-mass k-particles are real “God particles”

k-particles have two forms of modifications: as a heat E=kT (logW)
and as an energy E=(kb)*f . The interaction between energy and heat
created everything in the Universe but . . . . but until today nobody
explained the interaction between E= (kb)*f and E=kT (logW).
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.

Isn’t it amassing that the primary and general principle of correlation
between heat and energy is basis for creation everything in the Universe?

Why the interaction between E= (kb)*f and E=kT (logW) wasn’t explained?
These k-particles belong to “ the theory of ideal gas" and this theory was
not enough seriously accepted by theoretical physics because from the school
we studied that “ The theory of Ideal gas" is an abstract theory.
And in my opinion “ The theory of Ideal gas" (with the temperature T=0K)
is an ideal model for Zero Vacuum and it is possible to use all laws and
formulas of “ideal gas" to understand processes in the zero vacuum: T=0K.
(of course with the help of QT / SRT / QED )

What result do I have using “ideal gas" to the zero vacuum?
One result (from many) is:
I can know the real geometrical form of quantum particles.
Today the theoretical physics thinks about quantum particles
as a “point" or as a “ball" or as a “string" without to pay attention
on the reference frame where they exist. But every reference frame
creates its own form of existence. (RF of sea creates – fish and RF
of savanna creates another kind of living beings and conditions of
The geometrical form of particles as a “point" is a necessary and useful
mathematical model . . . but . . . not a real physical objects.
The geometrical form of particles as a “ball" depends on specific
reference frame and specific forces to create the “ball".
Because the quantum particles have frequencies, it means that they
must somehow vibrate as a “string" theorists decided to try
to understand nature by using “string – particles"
(1-D line with Planck’s length but without thickness) in a . . . .
mathematical 11-D. “String – particle" is only theoretical invitation:
there isn’t a physical law that says: “ . . . because . . . so . . . and so . . . .
particle must be string".
Geometrical form of particles as a “string" has many problems
as it is written in the book “The trouble with Physics” by Lee Smolin.
Of many laws of “ideal gas" I will take one: Charles’s law from
the 1780s ( also known as the law of volumes) and use it to zero
vacuum T=0K in order to understand the geometrical form of
quantum particle.
According to Jacques Charles’ law (and the consequence of the
third law of thermodynamics ) as the thermodynamic temperature
of a system approaches absolute zero the volume of particles
approach zero too. It means that these particles must have flat forms.
From all geometrical forms the form of a circle is most ideal and
symmetrical and it is written by the formula: pi= c /d =3,14 . . . . .
In such condition the quantum k-molar particles are “virtual particles”
in . . . a virtual state, . . .in an equilibrium state . . . . in a relax state . .
. . . . in a potential state .
To change this equilibrium state needs forces, quantum forces.
Without forces every flat quantum k-molar particle in T=0K must be
in a symmetrical equilibrium micro - circle state: c/d=pi=3,14 . . . . .

Once more.
Physicists don’t say that according to the law “X" or “Y" or “Z"
particles must be or “ball", or “string" or “triangle".
And I show concrete, specific law (s) that says which
concrete geometrical form quantum particles must have.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus