God is good

Shocking photo of drowned father and daughter highlights grim reality at U.S.-Mexico border
The photo is haunting, a vivid reminder of the danger many face when they try to cross into the United States. It shows the human toll of a crisis at the border that’s often debated with abstract statistics and detached policy arguments.

Read in CNN: https://apple.news/AqwNIX0aYSG-02bXQVDjsMA

You are fake news

What makes you think this is fake news, Player? I do think this incident is possible and that’s how many cross illegally. My grandfather called illegals from Mexico “wetbacks” for a reason (I don’t agree with this name calling, just telling you what he called them). Many who do cross illegally do attempt to cross the Rio Grande in this manner and many do lose their lives for it. It is very possible, sadly, that this story is very true, especially since the dotard has said he has had legal ports of entry closed. If he has had them closed for real, we could very well see more of these sad tragedies. Most do enter legal ports of entry and request asylum (this is legal or at least until the dotard took over the nation), but they can’t if the dotard has closed them.

Player: You are fake news


What are you trying and failing to say?

That’s near Player’s maximum word count. His posts are a study in contributing nothing with the fewest words possible.

The fact they’re each a smashing success is both impressive and annoying.

I guess the message is it’s gods fault those two are dead.

Is your god omniscient? Is he omnipotent? Did he create the universe and everything in it? If it isn’t his fault whose fault is it? Who has more power than your god?

I’m seeing a little discussion on this pic. It’s reminiscent of the Japanese girl who was running naked toward the camera because her clothes had been burned off. I’ve seen that cameraman talk about his personal struggle to submit that picture. In hindsight, there is general agreement that it was the right thing to do.

Unless of course you are someone who profits from war. In that case, you want people to look away, so you point out how it’s wrong to hold the picture up at all. You don’t want people seeing the horror of war, then their won’t be wars, and who’ll buy your guns? If that doesn’t work, attack the person who took the picture, they probably set it up, maybe even paid the kid, maybe they aren’t really dead. The modern version, shame those who share the image on social media. No more faceless editors in New York, now it’s all you sickos with your phones. Anything to keep people from seeing the effects wanting cheaper products from underdeveloped nations.

Sorry, Vietnam, not Japan.

In minutes, Ut’s images of Kim Phuc appeared in newsrooms around the world. The reaction was sensational. The burned and helpless Kim communicated the pain and horror of war with terrible clarity, fostering intense sympathy and identification among the public.


Except for Republicans.

Fake news, I guess.

Is your god omniscient? Is he omnipotent? Did he create the universe and everything in it? If it isn’t his fault whose fault is it? Who has more power than your god?
Since god isn't here I think the father is at fault.

Miranda. Where was this thread supposed to go with such a title for this subject matter??? Does the author want to have a serious and mature discussion on how we got here eg the reactionary politics of today or frame the discussion around superficial bullshit??