Fun break, ever really think about the relative size of countries?

I’m sure we all know that flat maps distort the size of land and sea boundaries, as we move north it looks bigger.
We’ve even looked at globes where the relative size between countries is easy to spot.
Still, we see the flat image all the time, so that reality slips from our consciousness, despite knowing what the globe tells us.
This evening I came across a very cool video that compared various countries by relative sizes.
Starting it I thought I was prepared. The hell. I was surprised at how surprised I was by some of the revelations.

How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think RealLifeLore
For a good time, take a peek :cheese:

Interesting. Knew about most of these but cool to see the comparisons. The small size of Europe is always an eye opener, though it’s easy to notice when traveling there, and the USA is crazy big country. Africa is a crazy big continent.

Another interesting fact is that 75% of Russia is on the continent of Asia and 25% is in Europe. Also Russia takes 11.5% of the planets surface and is only 55 miles from Alaska. The maps hardly ever represent this. Cool video.