Freedom From Religion Foundation files suit: Guyger's Judge prosyletizes at sent

@Lausten, speaking of Dan Barker!

Hopefully you all know about the court case about ex-cop Amber Guyger, who was sexting her boyfriend, absent-mindedly walked into the wrong apartment, and shot a black guy dead because she thought he was in her apartment (he was eating ice cream on his own couch).

The guilty verdict yesterday was a huge surprise, given this was Texas and she is white.

The judge sentenced her to 10 years … not as much as many had hoped, but better than nothing.

The victim’s brother spoke about his Christian faith and said he forgives her. And hugs her. Which is fine.

But then, the judge hugs her, goes and gets her own Bible, gives it to her to keep, and starts taking her through the steps to accept Jesus… in the courtroom!



Frankly, a southern black judge not talking about Jesus would have been more shocking.


That sounds like it was a 3 ring circus of emotions.

The judge ALSO hugging the newly found murderess and THEN bringing her to the Lord, that’s amusing.

It is a strange case in that cops almost never get convicted for murder and it’s got to be rare that a good looking white woman gets convicted of murdering a black man.


Well, Guyger may be going to prison for 10 years, and as a cop who murdered an innocent black man, she may not get the nicest reception from fellow prisoners during those 10 years. But at least she has been saved by the mercy of Jesus Christ. If she is killed while in prison, she can go straight to heaven and even meet her victim there.