Free Thinker, avid reader, and wanting to make a difference

Hi everyone, my name is Tim! I am a Free Thinker who has yet to find any evidence of the supernatural (and to be honest, I have stopped looking :slight_smile: )

I am excited to spread the ideas of science and reason especially after seeing Trump’s rise to power and the millions of Americans who believe conspiracy theories and junk science.

Let’s be passionate about defending our freedom which is based on the rule of law and our Constitution and not on religion! We must work hard to get our fellow Americans on the right path or we could lose our freedom and our democracy.

I love to read the periodicals “Free Inquiry”, “The Week”, detective novels, and books with a socio-political theme. I also read comic books when I’m tired or need a break :slight_smile:

I am also interested in diet and exercise. I work in I.T. as a server administrator.

I am looking forward to meeting great people here on the forums and having lots of great discussions!

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Welcome. I see you’ve already jumped in

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Welcome. You will find great debate to all promblems and inquire you to bring your best ;D.

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Welcome and congratulations for your enthusiasm !

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Welcome to CFI forums. Please join the various conversations.

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Hi Tim! I agree that “Free Inquiry” is a great magazine. What do you like about it? Have you been able to find anything similar in the world of periodicals?

Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks!!

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Amazing a good deal of beneficial information

@Avid_Reader Greetings! Linux user by any chance? On GitHub?

I should have mentioned… I’ve done a bit of server administration myself, on Linux. Lately I’ve mostly been doing software development as a hobby.