FDR and World War II Misconceptions

Claiming that the US went into WW II just take over the world is not factual. It wasn't even prepared for the war, in 1939 its army was outmatched by Portugal. It was forced into a war against its wishes and the interests of most of its population that wanted nothing to do with the war. It was attacked by one militaristic dictatorship and had war declared on it by another. How the hell does that equate with Roosevelt wanting to take over the world as beltane claims?
I didn't claim America intervened in order to "take over the world", here is what I said:
America intervened in WW2 ultimately for economic reasons. Partly because Japan and Germany’s military activities were disruptive to American economic interests overseas, but also to continue the Wilsonian doctrine of America replacing the waning European empires. The goal was to bring the lands which used to be under European control into the American sphere of influence.
And that's exactly what we did. That's why we pursued the policies we did. The proof is in American foreign policy of the post-war era. You're correct that we were forced into war and most Americans were isolationist, but FDR and his administration were not. When the fighting started, policy makers realized they could take advantage of the conflict in order to increase the American empire. Many historians argue] US foreign policy has been about economic expansion (another term for imperialism) at least since Woodrow Wilson's time. America intervened when it saw communism was not defeated by the Nazis and in turn saw the Nazis as a threat to empire in their capitalist world