Failure of protocol

The medical community, including government health agencies, love the phrase “failure of protocol,” which is only the rules they have put in place. It assumes that those rules are perfect and that any “failure” must be the fault of the person who didn’t follow their perfect rules. It can’t possibly be a failure in the perfect protocol, can it? That would mean the people in charge were wrong or made a mistake when “everyone knows” it must be the victim’s failure. Notice that the medical community doesn’t have a clue as to what caused the transmission of the disease in Texas, but they are absolutely sure it was a “failure in protocol.” Does anyone see how convenient and self serving that is?

Not to defend the government, but this all seems like what we’ve seen in so many extra-terrestrial / aliens movies. By and large the US, and the world in general, is a small minded ignorant civilization. If the government were to say we have no clue and it’s getting worse, there’d be pandemonium. Look what happened when that single moron sneezed on the plane and said the word Ebola.