Electric vehicles - an opportunity?

I’m sure you haven’t. This world we live in has very different versions of understanding what’s true. Somehow, we keep going, but all of those versions can’t actually be true.

Ah, but did all tribes always claim exclusive use of their territory?
Seems to me that in nature there are many species that share territories without claiming exclusive use .

Only predators claim “territory” and yes, man is a predator who will not only express greed, but has become an “invasive species” that will claim all resources of a territory and use it to exhaustion.

At one time there was probably enough sequesterd oil to last mankind a thousand years. But our wanton use of oil for 300 years has reduced the available oil reserves to last another ~ 40 years and before then we may go to war for the last remaining sources, unless we can figure a way to harness the sun’s energy.

No need to control ruling class as under socialism society is classless. Dont you know your stuff??

Apparently you do not read very well. Do you have dyslexia?

Don’t do “calling out”, it’s trolling, which is against the rules.

It’s especially bad when you’re factually wrong. Socialism is not classless.

Utter tripe…

This is a very hot topic.

What is sure is that in a socialist state, there is no more ruling class.

Beyond that, there are many debates.