Dilbert is forever tainted

The Dilbert cartoon had an amazing run, but it’s creator had some weird ideas when he stepped out of the world of computer engineers. I never imagined that high profile leaders would talk like the old people from the small town where I went to high school.

He’s been a total expletive deleted for quite a while!

May he gag on his own vomit.

I wonder if the majority of his fans agree with him? If so, he can ride this out.

Of course, his fans couldn’t care less, they think laughing at real and serious problems proves their superiority,
rather than underscoring how utterly stupid, fear driven denialists and self-destructive they are.
Cut off your nose to spite your face, ought to be the new GOP national slogan.

You don’t know what his fans think.

I do. I live in No. Idaho, once the neo-nazi Aryan capital of the US


The Aryan Nations was a North American antisemitic, neo-Nazi,[1] white supremacist[2] hate group that was originally based in Kootenai County, Idaho, about 2+3⁄4 miles (4.4 km) north of the city of Hayden Lake. Richard Girnt Butler founded the Aryan Nations in the 1970s.

In 2001, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classified the Aryan Nations as a “terrorist threat.”[3] In a review of terrorist organizations, the RAND Corporation called it the “first truly nationwide terrorist network” in the United States and Canada.[4]
more… Aryan Nations - Wikipedia

My wife of 50 years, a true native Indian, and hospital nurse, accompanied by a friend, was refused service in a restaurant in Hayden. I wasn’t here at the time , or I would have sued them.

On another occasion she was at a laundromat and someone took her clothes out of the dryer, claiming the dryer for herself. The audacity of such inhuman behavior is very much present still.

Sometimes hospital patients did not want my wife to touch them and called for a different nurse. These are the insults all “other than pink people” suffer on a daily basis .

IMO, it is an extension and expression of the Dunning -Kruger effect.

Prejudiced and unaware of it: Evidence for the Dunning-Kruger model in the
domains of racism and sexism

“[President Trump is] the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted
president in history.”

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (Chasmar, 2018, p. 1).

“I am the least racist person that you have ever met.”

  • President Donald Trump (Scott, 2018, p. 16)

An overwhelming consensus of social-psychological research confirms that both race-based and gender-based bias pervade contemporary Western societies. Citing a few examples, even when all other differences are eliminated or accounted for, studies show that ethnic minorities (compared to White people) are treated with more suspicion in public places (Schreer, Smith, & Thomas, 2009), considered less desirable as romantic partners (Mendelsohn, Shaw Taylor, Fiore, & Cheshire, 2014; West, 2018; West, Lowe, & Marsden, 2017), less likely to receive offers of employment (Bertrand & Mullainathan, 2004; Booth, Leigh, & Varganova, 2012; Pager, 2003), judged more harshly for crimes they commit (Sommers & Ellsworth, 2000; West & Lloyd, 2017), more likely to be shot by police officers (Correll, Park, Judd, & Wittenbrink, 2007; Plant & Peruche, 2005), and less likely to receive adequate care from physicians (Green et al., 2007).

Well, since all of Adams’ fans live in Idaho, the question is settled.

What question has been settled? Adams is racist or not racist?

I don’t know Adams, never read his cartoons.
But I did see him deliver his rant and it wasn’t funny.
Thus it has to be treated as if “his own words have condemned him”.

Nobody misunderstood the words.

“If nearly half of all Blacks are not OK with white people, according to this poll, not according to me…that’s a hate group and I don’t want to have anything to do with them,” said Adams. “And I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people, just get the fuck away. Wherever you have to go, just get away because there is no fixing this. This can’t be fixed."

How about inviting them into your

Now it is the black people who are to blame for being sensitive to white hypocrisy.

200 years of slavery being buried with “cancel culture” as if it never existed, so that whites can start a new round of racism, beginning with blaming blacks for their sensitivity to prejudicuial treatment.

I am a pure example of a white Aryan and my blue eyes are wide open to what my race has done throughout history, from the Crusades, to Hitler, to the taking of America and driving the native inhabitants unto reservations.

White people are a warlike race. Lest we forget the recent invasion of Ukraine by their white neighbors led by Putin and supported by a significant number of deluded white supremacist cultists who assume they are the master race.

George Carlin told the story of euphemisms and the gradual softening of language that describes reality, just to minimize the seriousness of war traumas.

The Xian Identity, a right wing racist toxic religious group, lives in about every state, as do Neo-Nazis, Nazis, Anti-Semitists, Fascists, etc.

I was being sarcastic because your talk about Idaho has nothing to do with the opinions of Adams’ fan base.

And how do you know that? What do you know about Neo Nazies and for that matter, what do you know about the Adams fan base?

Apparently they agree with him on several racists issues.

Adams has made news for other controversial statements, including questioning the accuracy of the Holocaust death toll.

Do you have a neighbor flying a Swastika in his backyard?

I know that the Neo-Nazis here would have cheered Adams on with his racist rant.