Dear Society Driven Global Warming Skeptic: Can you outline the issues that need to be debated?

Of late, skeptics such as Dr. Spencer, Anthony Watts, Mr. McIntyre, etc… et al.
Have been displaying great indignation that genuine practicing scientists and other climate experts refuse to “debate” with them.
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In traveling around the blogosphere I read comments from many sincere folks who mirror Mr. Watts’ vocal and melodramatic indignation over at
And me,
I wonder,
in light of the past decades of the experts debating,
and challenging each other -
and in light of all we have observed,
and all we have learned regarding the physics:
What is it that the Dr. Spencers and Anthony Watts of the world want to debate anyways?

Dear Skeptic,
can you outline the issues regarding our current society driven global warming knowledge that needs to be debated?

Sort of fascinating consider all the bluster that comes from folks who display contempt for climate science and the scientists who study it.
I posted the above at both my climate related blogs and at the home of those skeptics at SkepticForum and here - and no one wants to take me up on the debate challenge.
Says something… perhaps that bashing is all these “skeptics” are about and that actual constructive dialogue is the last thing they want to get close to.
just saying 8-/