Cure for "superbugs"

Latest report shows that someone dies from a drug resistant superbug every 15 minutes.

This, of course is due to treating viral bacteria with antibiotics to which the bacteria eventually adapt and become resistant.

A possible cure is to render bacteria “deaf” (blind) to each other so that the bacteria cannot become virulent through “quorum sensing”, a form of chemical communication.

This excellent video describes the current efforts to develop new drugs which do not kill the bacteria but renders them incapable of communicating with each other and thus prevent the bacteria from becoming virulent all at the same time.

OTOH this procedure can also be used to encourage bood bacterial behavior. An excellent example is found in the probiotics, like yoghurt, where living bacteria (acidophilus baccillus) are used to stimulate the activity of good bacteria which help digest our foods.


More bacteria that make us healthier. That is what I want.