Criticality of 'good faith' interaction

Speaking of General Discussion, what is important to having a good constructive discussion?

Me?, I think ‘Good Faith’ is at the top of the list,

and it demands not only a high degree of honesty,

but also a fundamental respect for each other, and a certain appreciation for the other’ life experiences.

Respect doesn’t mean liking or condoning or agreeing with, though it’s fun when that happens -

respect refers to acknowledging the humanity in each other along with the fallibility and foibles within ourselves.


Oh, and then there is the notion of being Duty-Bound -

I wonder what the younger crowd here thinks of feelings of responsibility towards others?

Very anti Ayn Randian libertarian think, still my self interest above all others seems such contemptuous empty existence.

No wonder so many are lost in the void - but it always seemed to me enlightened-self-interest requires love of and a sense of responsibility toward others, who ever they may be in your particular life.

It’s part of the human social fabric.


Of course, we’ve robbed them of their futures, so whatdoyah expect?





This is an indictment of participants in this forum which, I feel, is a microcosm of the real world out there in the USA. The urge to make this forum, and the world at large, a better place seems to lurk in all of us. I wonder what is it that we really want?

A partner within a peaceful productive relationship.

Good times.

Good health.

Healthy kids we can be proud of.

Being part of something.

Having others like and respect us.

Feeling good about ourselves and our accomplishments, however modest or grand they may be.

Dying with a peaceful heart.


an incomplete list

Not that I presume to speak for everyone, I just know what’s in my heart.

An indictment? An expectation of honesty and respect is an indictment?

Then answers his question before he answers it.

I suppose you can discuss what is “better”, but how hard can that be?

I just don’t get that Sree.

“Indictment” might be too harsh a word to use; how about “complaint”?

I am sure each of us here feel the same as v.3 about the way discussions are going in this forum. The impulse is to do something about it to make it better. Better for whom?

This forum is as good as it gets, and it has benefits for me. The fact that I am still here, despite getting irked by one participant or another, shows that the trade-off is worth it. If I want a better world, the moral thing to do is to drop dead.