Critical Analysis of 'What The Bleep Do We Know' Part 1 no longer on YouTube


Until very recently there was a fantastic critical analysis of “What the bleep do we know” on You Tube. It was a seven part analysis that went bit by bit to rebut most of the claims by exposing logical fallacies used in the film.

Does anyone know where I might find a copy or who the author was? It is no longer available on You Tube. I teach a class and use this analysis as a model for how to debunk New Age “documentaries”.



Since you’re inviting opinions and over the years I’ve watched it a couple time on the influence of friends, so I’ll share mine.


Not much to say about it.

Discoveries in the micro world are not transposable into our macro world and especially into human behavior.

Our “Mindscapes” are capable of imagining much more than exists within the confines of physical reality.

The movie can be fun, like getting a buzz, but doesn’t offer much by way of substance.