Consider the need to believe in Jesus

I received this off topic comment at one of my blogs and though I rejected it as a posted comment - you see, I refuse to be a billboard, I’m looking for serious discussion.

But, he took a lot of time with it, making claims I’d like to respond to anyways, so, as I’ve done in the past, I built a post around it. I have not deleted anything from my “Unknown” Christian defender’s words. So far my post hasn’t drawn his interest. If he comments to particular, of course I’ll post it, then it could get interesting.

Here I share but the closing, a case of making assumptions and getting gotcha’d,

Citizenschallenge, I pray you also will read the bible and come to know GOD, his SON JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT. They created all that is seen and unseen. Stop looking at that which you can see and start opening your mind to that which is unseen. may Jesus bless you with wisdom and truth.

The End

You don’t know anything about my background.

Ironically, I was the sincere young acolyte, lighting candles in reverent reflection on how much Jesus loved me. Seriously, Tabor Lutheran, Chicago late ‘60s, imagine that. I mean I felt Jesus in my heart as a presence as much as anyone who’s felt the “calling”.

Then quite early on I learned that Jesus’s lessons and spirit were one thing. Religions and the people who ran them had altogether different intentions and actions. I listen to what people said, then I watched what they did. Many ( actually sadly most ) did not stand up to honest scrutiny.

I learned that Jesus wasn’t a savior, nor a key to everlasting life, Jesus was a composite of the best in humanity. An ideal for us to strive to live up to.

Later I came to learn that Jesus’s Passion was a guide through our own most trying times. Jesus is all about helping us find our way through the here and now.

It’s not even like I’ve ever renounced Jesus. Were I to met Jesus on the road, we’d get along, share some good talks over the camp fire, perhaps some tears, since he’s the kind that could bore deep into the essence of a person’s heart, then we’d part in friendship, while offering our own blessings to each other. As opposed to being so hubristic as to presume to offer “God’s Blessing.”

That would be that. Well, there would also be that afterglow of a new friendship with a very singular person.

September 12, 2021

Replying to a Christian’s missive - cfi workbook #2