Confirmation Sunday

Anybody else have the pleasure of going to church yesterday? How about Missouri Synod Lutheran? I always respect their communion rules, so I wasn’t too surprised when they said they were “closed”, which means you have to be confirmed in their tradition before you can eat the cracker. What I’d never heard before is that you should not take it “unworthily” or it may “cause you harm”. That was explained in the program in writing. A family member who was a pastor was sitting behind us and informed us that someone had once taken communion without the proper instructions, and died. Yes died. So, you now actually have to sign something, saying you believe in Satan and that Jesus will save you, before you can eat his literal flesh. “It’s for your protection”.
It sounded like an urban legend.

My stepmother dragged me to a Missouri Synod Lutheran church in my youth. They would refuse communion to Lutherans of other synods. Episcopalians are open-minded liberals compared to most Lutheran denominations. If you study about the Lutheran church’s beginnings and especially Martin Luther’s actions and writings you’ll understand why they’re so far over the top.

Yeah, I’ve seen a few Martin Luther quotes. We have an ELCA here in town. Nice people. They had a rather peaceful split over the gay issue, hardly even made the news. It’s easy to find the really crazy creationists, but sometimes it’s more scary to see your 15 year old nephew getting indoctrinated into the abusive relationship with Jesus. They spent the first 10 minutes reading words projected on the wall about how we are all sinners and don’t deserve grace, but if we give everything up, we’ll be allowed to live, blah, blah, blah.
I don’t know the kid very well. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to ask him how he really feels in a few years.