Claimed Proof that P = NP. Prove that x ± y = b?

Claimed Proof That P = NP. I came across this from
Since then, I have been curious. They claimed that P = NP and I can’t solve their posed question:
“Prove that x ± y = b? where b is the solution to any given numbers x and y for which x is P and NP."
How is it possible to prove all numbers, numbers that fit into x and y? It seems some how impossible to me!
P is polynomial time while NP is non-deterministic polynomial time. Probably, the equality sign in P = NP means they are together sharing the same input in different occasions, with the fact that big problems are easily solve and easily check.
Let consider that b = (x - 1) and b = (y + 1) such that, x = (b + 1) and y = (b - 1)
b = (x - 1).
b = b + 1 - 1.
b = b end.
b = (y +1).
b = b -1 + 1.
b = b end.
I guess I’m wrong but this is how far I can go with their relationship. Does anyone have a clue?

I have no idea what you are talking about. First, what the devil are P and NP? Polynomial time and non-deterministic polynomial time are meaningless without a heck of a lot of explanation (and probably meaningless even then). Second, if x ± y = b, then y has to be zero.

Yeah, there’s no sufficient explanations on the site. Either it’s inside knowledge for a student with abstract maths taken, or it means nothing but is a site that is trying to lure people to it. (It requests you to sign up! to learn more???)