Christians, Stop the Steal

Christianity is the water we are all swimming it.

This resonates with my contention that much of philosophy hasn’t shaken off its Christian God hangover yet, and that this helps explains why the factual Evolution of our bodies, and our mind issuing forth from there, still hasn’t been assimilated by most living philosophers. That opinion is based on how little I’ve heard its actually discussed by philosophers, (yes there are exceptions).

I have my limited bandwidth, so I’d be happy for suggestions of philosophers who do have digested and incorporated our Evolutionary reality into their talks.

What I find ironic for all the flack I receive, is that when reading scientific authors, their words and ideas are constantly resonating with my evolution centric perspective - then I switch on the philosophers and way too often, it sounds like fingernails being dragged across a chalk board.

Jan 2, 2024 - misterdeity
Part one of a six part series examining the ideas of Tom Holland, and his wrong-headed attempt to give Christianity credit for The Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, and the Secular Humanist values of “The West.”

This might be an interesting series to follow.

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An evolutionary biologist tries some fiction to express a philosophy. Pay whatever price you desire

I thought this was about voter fraud, so I skipped it. Now I see it’s about dominionism, and current Christians who say Christianity invented enlightened ideals. It covers a lot of ground in a short space. I wish he had some of his text comments to explain the sarcasm on Voltaire Hume and Rousseau.

Christians - stop the genocide is what is needed