Chemical Residue Exposure

I have been exposed to chemical residue 2x in the last 3 years. One was in a boarding house and one was in a used car that I bought. Both were in Indianapolis, IN. The chemical residue I was exposed to was like a olive oil substance. However the substance is very sticky and could not be fully removed with Goo Gone, alcohol, or other cleaning agents. To make matters worse I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and that makes my body more sensitive to chemicals. The entire thing has been a massive burden.

I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions about how I could remove the residue. Does anyone know of any organizations or people that could help with this problem? I have tried contacting the EPA, a multiple chemical sensitivities doctor and a few other people. The entire situation has been a major burden on me and has effected my health, finances, and personal property.

Everything is a chemical. There is no possible way anyone could answer your question without knowing what you are talking about. Either describe it better, where it came from or get it analyzed.

What are the symptoms of the chemical exposure?

This is a best guess based on your description. It could be a type of rubber cement. The best way to remove it that I’ve found is with rubber cement thinner. You can often find it at office, craft, or art supply stores. Elmer’s sells small bottles. Bestine sells sizes up to 32 oz. Goo Gone sucks and can remove stuff you don’t want to remove, like the ink from a book cover.

Rubber cement thinner is toxic, but I’ve gotten on it my skin many times without suffering any adverse effects. Just don’t drink it, breathe the vapors out of the can, or get it in your eyes. It evaporates quickly. For removing sticky stuff from your skin I’d suggest a clean lint free cloth. Dampen a small area and test it to see if it works or causes irritation you aren’t comfortable with. Overall I’d say it’s less irritating to me than nail polish remover, but if the rubber cement thinner doesn’t work then try nail polish remover. There are acetone and non-acetone versions. The acetone types are the most irritating ( for me ).