Check out this tough guy

In case you didn’t notice, this is a female. Her name is Becca Longo. She is thought to have a decent chance to be the first female to play in the NFL.

Never understood the appeal of women in men’s sports.


But you do understand the appeal of women, I hope.

Of course, but their appeal is ruined in sports — especially men’s sports.

Hey, oneguy, what are men’s sports? Every sport men are into, women are also.

Oneguy, did your mother, put on a Halloween mask and try to scare you, when you came out of her womb? What is up with your being so threatened by women, that you can’t enjoy it when they are capable of doing something that men only usually do?

Longo is only a kicker. It’s not like she is going to be regularly brutalized by trying to be a linebacker.

It’s not like there aren’t plenty of male kickers already who are vastly superior to her.

The fact is nobody watches women’s sports because it’s boring, and attempting to put women in men’s sports is a novelty that only a few nerdy guys are interested in.

The women’s soccer team repeatedly winning the World Cup is pretty entertaining.

Well, if Longo gets a job in the NFL it won’t be because she is a novelty. It will be because she is one of the 32 best kickers in the world that are available to NFL teams. NFL teams are very competitive. They can’t afford to waste a roster spot. And to keep a kicker’s job in the NFL for a full season or more, she would probably need to be well within the top 2o kickers available for the NFL, in the world.


But then what kind of nerdy guys want to check out imminently healthy athletic women? Ooh, that’s so nerdy. Disgusting even. How could a non-nerdy God make hot looking women who are good at sports? Oh the humanity.

Not to mention threatening to the Male Ego’s weak underbelly.