Chaos, the wellspring of living systems

Sorry, I was speakingin general terms.
I know that the model is not mainstream, wgich is curious because the toroid model does answer a lot of the known universal properties and it recycles itself which means that rater than being infinite in size, it may be eternal in existence, as per conservation of energy.

You answer the specific question about math that backs up the theory with a general comment about the universe and math. You do that a lot. It seems kind of like avoiding the specific question.

I am trying to identify the type of applicable universal maths rather than the actual equations, which can become very tedious.

As Antonsen urges, I try to look at things from different perspectives, in order to gain understanding, not necessarily how to do the detailed maths.

As bookkeeper, I spent many years applying mathematics to account for the financial status of the non-profit I worked for. I’m done with that.

I’m not asking you to do math or even understand every detail. I’m asking you to show if this is speculation or something with actual teeth. I don’t know if a toroid answers any questions or not, and I have no reason to trust you about it. I don’t think I can get any more blunt

Why not? > Chaos, the wellspring of everything. It is an intuitively pleasing idea.

You could replace chaos with random and get a similar result. All it really does however is push us back into the discussion of how deterministic is reality.

Chaos theory itself is just a way of dealing with complex systems that appear chaotic. Maybe a better word is dynamic as opposed to static?

Certainly as we have discussed before life is impossible without “random” mutations. Why not reality itself?

Exactly. I use the word dynamic all the time. Of course it is the dynamical action that creates the chaos via wave interference.

But if you think about it, dynamism is itself a form of abstract life and the rest is a matter of evolutionary processes.
chaos – > dynamism → organic life

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