Can We Trust Climate Models?

Climate Models have been at the receiving end of relentless, but disingenuous attacks by the folks who fancy themselves “skeptics” but who in truth are nothing but political ideologues with only one goal in mind - that being to forestall any adaptations that might impact their various profit machines.
Unfortunately, Earth Sciences has always been filled with more questions than answers. Nothing is certain - yet, this science has still (seemingly) mastered the physical world for us - the point being that 'uncertainty" is far from ‘not knowing’
Even with their uncertainties climate models have much to teach us.
The following sources tell the story much better and with more authority than I’ll ever be able to.
I share these sources for those that possess honest curiosity and a desire to learn.
As for the ideologues - I’ve learned there’s nothing they can’t twist into crazy-making poop
so i sometimes wonder what’s the point in even trying to educate people who hate education if it threatens their comfort zone.

Can We Trust Climate Models? Increasingly, the Answer is ‘Yes’
Michael D. Lemonick - 18 JAN 2011: ANALYSIS
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Accuracy and Uncertainty in Climate Models
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Boulder scientists: Climate models predicting greater warming appear more accurate
By Joe Rubino Camera Staff Writer | 11/08/2012
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How reliable are climate models?
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Global Warming: Man or Myth?
Climate Models & Accuracy
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{Here’s a new site I wasn’t familiar with, but it seems to be pretty good teaching tool.}
Astonishing Science Spectacular Museum
Predicting changes: Testing climate model accuracy
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Climate research and modelling at CEA
Met Office: Predicting the Future
IPCC FAQ: How Reliable Are Models?
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Oh but the denialists are really going to have a field-day cherry picking and reweaving some of the latest literature…
Are climate change models becoming more accurate and less reliable?
By Ashutosh Jogalekar | February 27, 2013 |

slightly off topic - but definitely related:
On Scientific Consensus]
By David Barash ~ July 18, 2012
The Chronicle of Higher Education

The really annoying thing is that the uncertainty of climate models is scarier than the degree of certainty.
We KNOW we are dealing with a system that we still do not know plenty about and still collecting information on. And yet the lives and quality of life of billions of people depend on unknown unknowns. Ignoring information of admittedly uncertain accuracy is Really STUPID!
There is no spare planet.