Bloomington Minnesota Mosque bombing terrorists caught.

No surprises here, the slippery sliddy slope :down:

The terrorists who bombed a Bloomington Minnesota Mosque last year have been caught. See the headlines: Huh. No headline. Well, anyway, it happened, and it is a strange, Coen Brothers-esque story, and people on my Facebook page are figuring it out. Bottom line: Trump people blew up the mosque to send the Muslims a message and make them want to leave the country. First, the basic story, from today’s Star Tribune:
Michael McWhorter, 29; Joe Morris, 22 and Michael Hari, 47, are each charged with “using an explosive device to maliciously damage and destroy" the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in the predawn hours of Aug. 5, 2017, using a PVC pipe bomb made by Hari. According to charges, McWhorter admitted to joining the men on a journey to the Minnesota mosque months before aiding a failed plot last fall to bomb an Illinois clinic that performed abortions. He claimed it was Hari’s idea to target the mosque and that the men didn’t intend to kill, according to an FBI terrorism task force officer’s affidavit, “but they wanted to ‘scare (Muslims) out of the country’ … because they push their beliefs on everyone else." “McWhorter also said they committed the bombing mainly to ‘show them hey, you’re not welcome here, get the [expletive] out,’" the agent continued. ...
Greg Laden, March 13,2018
Here's an interesting follow up
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