Backgound check for Mental Health should be 2ndary to check for fear-based anger

Persons who are prone to fear based anger are the ones to keep from having guns. And, seriously, people who always become angry and belligerent when they drink much alcohol - no guns for you Bucko.

Lots and lots of people have mental health issues, and do not concurrently have an angry personality. VERY unlikely that they will wind up mass murdering with guns.

Lots and lots of people do not have any official mental health issue, but do have a disposition to act out in anger. These can include people who primarily suppress anger (thus you wouldn’t know they are angry until they eventually explode). (You could probably identify these by getting them drunk.)

How about we put the ATF in charge of determining who gets a gun? They can evaluate each prospective firearm owner, by getting them drunk on alcohol, and smoke cigarettes while conducting a panel discussion as to whether the firearm applicant passes. The ATF could finally be doing something meaningful with alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

You got something there. If only we’d have taken population suppression more seriously.

Here’s another approach:


What If Buying a Gun Were Like Getting an Abortion? Mar 5, 2018, - T.S. Mendola

It’s worth asking: What would a world look like where “pro-life” activists were as rabidly committed to protecting schoolchildren as they are to defending blastocysts?

President Donald Trump’s speech after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting called for a “culture of life,” a known shibboleth for anti-choice groups looking to “end abortion in our time.” In turn, Fox News commentators (and even MSNBC ones) have repeatedly linked the mass shooting epidemic to abortion. Right-wing social media followed suit, calling for exchanging the recently defeated 20-week abortion ban for a ban on AR-15s. Abortion, this argument would have you believe, is a greater moral evil than a society that allows teenagers to buy semi-automatic weapons.

It is vital to remember that abortion restrictions in this country are rooted in the desire to impose extremist Christian ideology on others, violating a pregnant person’s access to vital medical care and constitutional right to privacy in the process. Unlike common-sense regulations on guns, these restrictions are not evidence-based and do not advance public safety. In fact, to rationalize many of them, the anti-choice movement uses a relatively new, certainly fundamentalist ontology of personhood: “Human life,” they insist, begins at fertilization. Yet, it’s worth asking: What would a world look like where “pro-life” activists were as rabidly committed to protecting schoolchildren as they are to defending blastocysts? In other words, what would buying a firearm in, say, Kansas, look like, if you could suddenly transpose the cultural and legal restrictions on abortion to gun ownership?

To buy your firearm, you try to Google a store. But the first three stores you try aren’t gun stores at all; they’re staffed by radical pacifists. One state over, in Oklahoma, they’re even funded by government money. Such “gun crisis centers” hand you a stuffed animal, a yoga mat, and a pamphlet on the risks of suicide and grave bodily harm to law-abiding gun owners.

After you sift through the gun crisis centers, you are left with four legitimate options. …

Guess I should have finished my sentence. In a society with less people, less folks fall through the cracks. Today’s society fears and shuns strangers, particularly if you are strange. You get forced into corners and forgotten - humans reacts to shit like that.

I’ll bet you examine these mass shooter lives and they’re miserable lives could make you cry as much as the loss of innocent victims - if you weren’t aware of who’s who.

JOURNAL ARTICLE Of Guns, Abortions, and the Unraveling Rule of Law

J. Harvie Wilkinson, III
Virginia Law Review
Vol. 95, No. 2 (Apr., 2009), pp. 253-323
Published by: Virginia Law Review
Page Count: 71


Yeah, I imagine plenty of pregnant women have been killed by gun murderers. Those are abortions. And even against those women’s choice.

How can Pro-Lifers tolerate this mass forced abortion by guns?