Attempting to See Past the Ends of our Noses

I hope your sci-fi book is successful!
I devoured a very large quantity of sci-fi as a teenager and I credit that reading with opening my mind to fact that the future could be very different than the present.
I do worry a bit, though, about the way that some future scenarios might give us false hope and cause us to take less care of the planet. As Kim Stanley Robinson says: 'There is no Planet B". In some ways the idea that we could move our population off the planet is like the promise of a heaven by religions. It sends a message that this life and this world may not be so important after all.

Right. My book is not a promise. It’s about NOT waiting for something to save us. If aliens show up, it will focus our attention in ways nothing else could. The threat of AGW doesn’t bother most people, but aliens would get us to think about who we are.